Saturday, April 30, 2005

No More SkyDome

It's really a sad sight when one sees that one of Toronto's former landmark the "SkyDome" has been bought out by Rogers and renamed the "Rogers Centre". This might be old news to some but for a guy that's been out of Toronto for about a year now I'm completely flabbergasted.

When was it that our national landmarks could be sold to the highest bidder? What are we gonna lose next? Ontario Place gets renamed Bell Canada World?

Really seeing Rogers centre at the side of the building really doesn't fit in my opinon, I guess I've been so used to seeing SkyDome that it is really out of place now. Everyone I know of in Toronto still refers to the place as the SkyDome so it's not a surprise that this little detail slipped right by me.

Well enough of a rant for now going to meet up with some old friends this evening, should have something more interresting to post then.

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