Friday, April 29, 2005

Why We Play Games

I was just reading this ever so interresting article that analyzes the human psyche an why games are so appealing (the original article can be found here). Anyways basically some of the key thing stated was mainly intuitive but one key re-occuring theme is games satisfy a human need of accomplishment.

Now I personally find this a really interresting statement, and would go to show why some people will sit on hours doing menial tasks just to finish an objective in a game. However to that respect upon analysing my own situation I don't heavily play games to this degree, and when I think about it it might be due to the fact that I already have preset rewards set in the "brain" so the need to suppliment this is drastically reduced.

The other might be value system. I view games as a form of entertainment and anything that is accomplished in games can be accomplished by anyone without much skill. I've notice that some view games as a challenge and will talk hours about how they beat a certain level or gained a certain high score. To me doing such a thing is useless since it doesn't take a really skilled person to learn and play a game.

So games it seems after reflecting seem to be able to capture a very specific audience I guess I'm just lucky that I'm not part of the addicted audience.

(Although I waste alot more time programming, or ripping open electronic toys)

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