Monday, January 31, 2011

Stop Internet Metering In Canada

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are about to impose usage-based billing on YOU.
This means we're looking at a future where ISPs will charge per byte, the way they do with smart phones. If we allow this to happen Canadians will have no choice but to pay MUCH more for less Internet. Big Telecom companies are obviously trying to gouge consumers, control the Internet market, and ensure that consumers continue to subscribe to their television services.

These Big Telecom companies are forcing small competing ISPs to adopt the same pricing scheme, so that we have no choice but to pay these punitive fees.

This will crush innovative services, Canada's digital competitiveness, and your wallet.

We urgently need to send a clear message to Ottawa, saying that we won't stand by while some of the most profitable companies in the country indiscriminately add new fees to our Internet bills. Enough is enough. 

Click here to sign the petition and tell Ottawa your against Usage Based Billing.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Rebuild Begins

A few days ago I finally got all the parts together for the Blade CP Pro. I’m in the process of starting the first rebuild since a mechanical failure caused a crash due to a servo that failed to respond.
It does baffle me how bad the stock E-flite servos are. I’ve since replaced those with my trusty HXT900 (I apparently buy these by the dozen now).


Since it’s winter this time around I have time to make sure cable management is done right. This is probably the most clean cable route I’ve done so far to the bird.
Blades still need to be installed but I think I’ll get around to doing that once we are closer to flight season so I don’t falsely think I can just take it out and fly it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Global Agenda First Looks

Recently I purchased global agenda and after a few long sessions I have finally come up with an initial opinion on it. Global agenda is not an MMO. Why would I say this? well global agenda does not have a shared space required for a true MMO.

The construct of global agenda consists of a main lobby area were people can change and buy items and then instance missions. The instance missions themselves just activate after you waited X amount of time in the queue. The best way I can describe this game is it's like TF2 in PvP and L4D in PvE but since most of the time you only play with 4 in co-op and 16 players in PvP there's nothing massive about this game.

A lot of people called Global Agenda the new planetside. I don't think this is a fair assessment. PlanetSide the norm was to have 100vs100 wars and sometimes 100vs100vs100 when things got really hectic. Unfortunately global agenda isn't this exciting or dynamic.

Global Agenda has recently added a shared questing area but unfortunately it's far too short for me I finished this area in about 2 days that's hardly any time at all for an MMO.

Although some may argue that the game has been streamlined I believe that it is far too streamlined to. The draw to MMO's was always there was this massive persistent world where you could explore together with other players. Random encounters (with other players) are always encouraged and add to the experience. However here Global Agenda misses the point as well because the only random encountering your going to get after the initial quests (which are more like a long tutorial anyways) is the randomly being put together with a few other people when your assigned a mission.

This would be fine if the missions were more varied but sadly they are not they always consist of killing some random spawns. Going through a trap and then defeating some boss. To that end the boss don't even have any real strategy to them it's just hit them with all you got.