Sunday, December 30, 2007

Steal This Film 2

I don't normally link things I find on the internet, nor do I normally link to a torrent off site. However after watching this particular film I felt compelled to ask you people to steal it.

It's a documentary of sorts on the current state of information it's really nothing new, but I will say it's a good summary for what undoubtedly you and I have had to live through for the last few years seeing how we are the "napster" generation.

The video claims that we are the soldiers at the front lines of a new war, quite frankly, after watching it I think you'd agree with them as well.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Final exams

Well would you look at that it's final exams already, crazy time of year where everything is upside down and it's a last chance to either make things work or hard code them to work.

I haven't been updating this blog this year as often as I like but I'll be doing some backlog of updates over the Christmas break, mainly to do an update on my newest project a TF2 level. Might turn into a semi tutorial while I'm at it.