Thursday, June 10, 2004

Summary: Due to the lack of funds my current employer is willing to pay I'm initiation an attempt to get higher funds. This operation is nicknamed operation "backstab". The motto: "it's not personal only business".

Phase 1: Waiting game
Another employer has expressed interest in our technical skills. However to contact this employer right away would be a sign of over egerness. Thus a wait time of 3-4 days is now inprogress.

Phase 2: Initial contact
Initial phone call is planned for the end of the 3-4 day waiting period this is when scheduling of meeting times and other nessicarry conditions in order to begin negotiations will occur.

Phase 3: Negotiations
With the safety net of my previous job in place I can afford to negotiate with hard bargan style negotiations. obviously I have a minimum price-point already set since my current employer will pay such price-point.

I also can weight the two positions, and make a decision that way, however the ultimate guide would be if he's not willing to pay current rate +2 since transportation would equivalent that, I will not sign on.

Phase 4: Trial run
If I make it this far there will be a trial run I'll be going to both positions, but the new position will be on a trial type basis (part time 1-2 times a week).

Phase 5: 2 Weeks Notice
If all things are said and done and my current employer refuses to be flexable with his hours, there will be an immediate 2 weeks notice declaration. This is to be expected since the last dissapointment.
It's time for a change of scenery so to speak..

So the deal is I got a job offer to work for another company at my current job.
Well nothing personal but it generally would mean that this other canidate would like to "steal me away" form my current company.

I've taken a different perspective on this one, loyalty is for losers, unfortunately the phrase "it's only business" rings a bell.

On the other hand I get to try my luck at business negotiation, I get to name a higher price now that I have a safety net of my current company.