Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Me and my good friend Maddy, I'll never have a friend like you again when we part after graduation... :-) Posted by Hello

Jenny (left) and me (right) our attempts to draw a happy face was one eye short. Posted by Hello

Who ever said sparkler's are for kids where horribly mistaken. Posted by Hello

Man's facination with fire. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ever wonder what working on campus is like? This is a good example. Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Are you in the game?

Really this picture could be a testimate to my boredom. I personally think it's done well enough anyone who's played Half-Life 2 (I haven't yet) will reconize this scene.

[May 13 2005] Dan's Going Away Party

Dan a good friend of mine and Maddy is once again this year going away to the artic to do some research over the summer. So to commemorate his last day here in Hamilton we all came to his going away party. G'Bye Dan!

Amoungst other things that happend there were some pretty exciting Jenga games (before some of us got drunk)

Yes the event of the night... Jenga Ultimate... The competition was pretty intense the spectators where ooo'ing and ahh'ing. Posted by Hello

Dee and Brad here kind of being mysterious. I think I see a cover for a rock band group. Posted by Hello

Sly Brad with his wink... Do you really trust this guy? Posted by Hello

Here's May, Jenny and Me at Dan's Party (stealing cake). Posted by Hello

Here's Dee and Brad at Dan's party Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Today's Sahar's birthday "Happy Birthday!" we decided to go to the Luna Lounge, the food was excellent by the Way. After Dinner we decided to go to bubble tea. Marcus and His girlfriend seen at the left of this picture, are from germany natively and they never had bubble tea. Here they are in deep thought about the menu.

It's bubble tea not a tetris function in haskell. Posted by Hello

Best quote of the night:
Wolfgang: "I don't particularily like games that no one really wins, but someone definetly loses" Posted by Hello

And so it begins the Jenga game. Posted by Hello

The power of the reach, stable hands make the game harder for everyone else. Posted by Hello

Shortly after this the 1st Jenga tower collapsed here's Ethel putting the finishing touches on the last of this one. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 06, 2005

[May 5 2005] Happy Birthday Dee!

It's Dee's birthday (I think I have a few lined up now) all the ones stuck here for the summer made their showing. Congrats on being 1 year older Dee.

It's dee's birthday we we decided that My Thai was a good place to spend it. Posted by Hello

Look at all the party people. Food was excellent as usual service was above normal. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 02, 2005

Back in Hamilton

Back in the hammer today good to be back!
Summer's for wimps!

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I woke up this morning to rain wonderful rain... wait a minute that's not rain, oh yes hail! So this is what summer's like?! Those are some pretty big pellets.
Summer's for wimps! (2)

That must have been what the guy upstairs was thinking when he unleashed the torrent of pellets today. It's funny I've been in Toronto for what 6 days now and not one of them was it not snowing or raining. I guess the preview of summer is over now it's back to winter.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

More Friends

Time to go visit another long time friend of mine. It seems everyday since I've been here in T.O. I've been running around here and there. Well I guess that's because I got alot of loose ends to tie up glad I finally get a chance to do it, abiet 5 things in 5 days... ha ha that's pushing the schedule.

Anyways I'm off again, just got a chance to get sober, prehaps by the end of tonight I'll be drunk again!

Back in Toronto with the Toronto crew, not gonna write to much cause I'm a bit drunk right now. I'll do my commentary tomorrow right now I'm just gonna pass out.

(the next day)

For those that will point this out I'm the extremely dorky looking one on the left (you can't take good pictures all the time)

Well with the usual shinanagins driving around T.O. acting like an idiot hitting up theatres, and getting drunk. It was a fun night, however Me and Quan are really interrested in getting Darpa's autonomous vehicle challenge running. I've tried this year at Mac but wasn't able to inspire enough enthusasm for the project so it turned out to be a no-go. Quan had a similar story, so the Toronto crew is gonna do what they do best, inter-university communicating.

With me working heavily with the profs this summer, and having heavy connections into the SE club Mac can work at the Software end of the spectrum, Quan is working on the Eng Phys, Ahbi has industrial covered, and With a mech side the team is complete.

At the moment it seems like a distant dream but as we the YEI / Toronto crew are well familiar with once you get the ball rolling its hard to tell how far you can go.