Tuesday, July 27, 2004

How come places like this always look more beautiful in a picture? (University and Queen, Toronto, ON, Canada) Posted by Hello

Has anyone been to this cafe?
it's located on University and Bloor, looks like a nice place to go when you want to unwind. Posted by Hello

The cannon on armoury st. and University. Posted by Hello
Ok I'm gonna put a change on this blog, I'm going to from now on turn this into a photo blog. That's right no more writing just lots of pretty pictures.

I'm tired of writing 1000 words to get the same effect anyways.

The project synergy background although much more complex and arguably better done had one fatal flaw. I was staring at myself all day. And to tell you the truth that was a bit erie, so I took my photo on the right did an enlargement put scanlines on it and the end result is what you see here. Posted by Hello

This one is from the Project: Synergy desktop background. Simply put it's a depiction of my multiple personality syndrome. I thought it was a good joke to build a wall paper off of and not be too boring. The end result turned out well and is now available for your viewing. Posted by Hello

Here's a pic of toronto, I've entitled it "From the heavens" Posted by Hello