Thursday, January 18, 2007

Youtube worthy view

Driving in the snow is dangerous.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Trip to Disney

This was the first sign that caught my eye while going through the town of Jonesville. It seems that in the USA they aren't as used to being as multicultural as we are here in great white north (although this year it's less white than usual more green oddly).

First park was Animal Kingdom. Disney really has the market on gigantic over sized trees as you will see in a later photo.

The rides at Disney always try to entertain you while your in line. The wait areas generally are littered with stuff to read or props to set the mood.

A giant dinosaur model sits in the middle of this wait line for the ride.

The attention to detail on the architecture also is what would make Disney a "theme" park and all other parks just amusement parks.

Big doors separate each section of the park.

I'm assuming Disney has a whole lot of these gigantic fake Christmas trees this one is so tall they have wires holding it together. The tree measures 3 stories in person.

Seaworld is not bad with their set design as well. This sea lion set for example looks very authentic.

I saw some professional photographers coach some paying customers on how to pose below the hat. The pose looked easy enough and here's the resulting shot.

The most recognizable image of disney has to be the Buena Vista castle otherwise known as the Cinderella castle. Here it is in all it's glory. One has to wonder how many times a year they need to repaint to keep the fairy tale colours bright.

Universal Studios has a way of making exciting rides look completely boring. For example this ride "Revenge of The Mummy" is actually a roller coaster believe it or not.

My best Atlas imitation.

Here I am in Atlanta (on the way back) next to the Olympic stadium.