Saturday, April 16, 2005

I don't want to fail, I don't want to fail, I don't want to fail....

Today much to my dismay while studying for Statistics I decide it might be a good idea to know what mark I'm going into the exam with. Well here it is:

Test 1: 10 out of 25

Test 2: 7 out of 33


That really doesn't look good even though this means I'll be going to be offloading 90% of the mark towards the final I really don't think I got what it takes at this moment to do much better than 40% on the final which definetly won't cut it.

So should I go to thode and examine past finals? Or should I just go on a useless self-study session?

Well can't do much for now thode opens tomorrow at 10:00am if I intend on saving the tatered remains of hope for passing this course, I will have to continue on examining how the solutions where done for the first two tests (and inadvertently how I did so damn poorly on them). Only tomorrow will I be able to get a glimpse of the up comming final. I might as well examing the solutions to the assignment as well but I think since I've been doing everything basically wrong it's time to learn by mimicking the Prof rather than making a foray to understand what's going on.

I love how Profs always put good luck on the exams on their homepages, in this case though I think I will be needing it.

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