Saturday, November 13, 2004

It's 11:00pm and the lan party is about to get underway. All participants are eagerly booting up their systems getting their stuff set up. Next to Jay in the upper left sits a 2L CocaCola bottle, when asked he replied "it's about quantity not quality". Posted by Hello

At 7:00am it seems most are half asleep or fully asleep. Posted by Hello

Some it seemed were a little to tired to even accept their prizes... Yo! wake up and get your damn prize! Posted by Hello

Best described as Mr. EnemyYo he went home with the coveted "prize" having beat 8 others in a ladder style tournament of UT2004. Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 07, 2004

It's like the a race where you get no pit stops and one tank of gas.

If you haven't figured it out already I'm talking about Dr. Kahl's test, miraculously the test is 10 pages yet we only have 50 minutes to write these 10 pages.

This was in all of the classes' opinion an impossible test.

There a a few basic rules for a Kahl test:
  1. If you start on page one then your already behind, and your'll run out of time.
  2. If he gives you one page, you'd better write two, and you'll run out of time.
  3. If you have to read things, you'll run out of time.
  4. If you go at your fastest speed you'll run out of time.

Well I thought it was a fitting way to end our long stream of mid-terms with one that was simply just not passable so the feeling of doom looms over us constantly. As we all prepare to work hard for the comming week so we may attempt to do well in 3R03, along with finishing the assignments (including yet again an impossible to finish one). We remember that in engineering getting dismal marks is the way it's suppose to be.