Sunday, May 01, 2005

Back in Toronto with the Toronto crew, not gonna write to much cause I'm a bit drunk right now. I'll do my commentary tomorrow right now I'm just gonna pass out.

(the next day)

For those that will point this out I'm the extremely dorky looking one on the left (you can't take good pictures all the time)

Well with the usual shinanagins driving around T.O. acting like an idiot hitting up theatres, and getting drunk. It was a fun night, however Me and Quan are really interrested in getting Darpa's autonomous vehicle challenge running. I've tried this year at Mac but wasn't able to inspire enough enthusasm for the project so it turned out to be a no-go. Quan had a similar story, so the Toronto crew is gonna do what they do best, inter-university communicating.

With me working heavily with the profs this summer, and having heavy connections into the SE club Mac can work at the Software end of the spectrum, Quan is working on the Eng Phys, Ahbi has industrial covered, and With a mech side the team is complete.

At the moment it seems like a distant dream but as we the YEI / Toronto crew are well familiar with once you get the ball rolling its hard to tell how far you can go.

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