Sunday, November 27, 2005

View From TO

Toronto looks pretty awsome comming into town comming from the gardiner expressway here's a good idea.
This is taken approaching sunset (ok I really shouldn't be taking photos on the highway).

Young street is also nicely decorated this time of year being christmas shopping central (read: consumerism at it's best) I'm not too surprised.
This one was taken at 12AM yes it really is that bright at 12, I swear from the sky this area must be a uber bright beacon of light.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Funny cause it's true

I ran into this random link today and it was the funniest commentary. Mainly because the author help illustrate how rediculous some forms of argument have become. So if your up for a good chuckle or want to learn how to win arguments check this out.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

5G Reunion

Hopefully this would be one of many such reunions of 5G it was awsome seeing the crew again.

I could ramble for hours but I'll let the pictures do the talking.

If it's one thing to be said about these two it's this: "Finally!"

Some people can be so serious!

Self explanitory, all you white guys and redeye.


All natural and better crack guarenteed to make you smile!

This is what the rest of us felt like these two were talking about all night.... It's pretty sad, I think they diserve a billboard above their head how about you?

The entire first season cast!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Blown a tire on the highway.

It's funny how when you look back it it was the little things that really did save your life. Things like having not turned on the radio, or changing into the left most lane early played an important factor on my safety that day, but I'm getting ahead of myself let's go back a day.

Yesterday, I was cruising on the highway at around 80Km/h which is slower than usual but comming home from work you're guarenteed to get into a traffic jam. Anyways I don't usually turn on the radio until I hit a speed below 50Km/h I generally don't leave it on when I cruise at speeds higher than that mainly cause I like to be aware while driving. Turns out this payed of, I began to hear a faint but intermittent hissing noise which at the time I wasn't sure where it came from. So being cautious and very aware of my vehicle (I'd better be after rebuilding: the wipers, the serpentile belt, the automatic transmission, the radiator, the termostat, all by hand.) and I knew that the intermittent nature wasn't good. So I switched to the left lane. That's when the hissing got louder, then
there was an abrupt shudder as the tire blew out and the rim hit the road.
Normal drivers would freak out and slam the breaks at this point. I ran a quick simulation in my head and realized that was not going to work since it's the front left wheel and that would make a tripod of a car horribly unstable. So immediately I switched the gearbox into reverse and let the car coast as I switched out of the lane and onto the shoulder coasting to a stop wasn't easy you had to disobey your gut instinct to hit the breaks, if you did hit the breaks the weight of the car would most definetly transfer onto the front wheels and that would mean I would risk damaging the rim further or blowing my other tire since there was only one tire holding the load of the van at this point.

Eventually the car costed to a stop and I was able to step out to inspect the tire.
Yep definetly flat,
went threw my mind. Unfortunately I didn't have a tow truck number on me so I called home to see if they can check the yellow pages. While I was doing that I remembered I had a spare, luckily the traffic jammed up at this time most cars were going only 20Km/h so I knew if I played my cards right I could finish the tire change at this time. I devised an intelligent plan as I reached for a bright yellow bin I used to collect trash in my car, I would need some way to make sure cars don't hit me and this was going to be it. Knowing the traffic jam would be brief I ran garbage can in had 10 or so metres behind the car it was hard to tell since the rain had started and it was getting cold. I knew the time I had was limited, so I droped the bright yellow bin at this position knowing that should alert drivers to steer off the shoulder or at least they'll hit that with enough time to stop before they hit me. Proceeded to unlock the hood of my car the engineers prepared me for this situation by stowing away a compact jack. The jack itself was not that great it took 100 revolutions before the wheel was high enough to be released. After many a curse words later the wheel freely came off, and I had the new spare on.
Unfortunately spares are not rated for highway travel
most spares won't let you reach over 70Km/h and I wasn't going to push mine. A few quick movements and I got off the highway but now I was in York Mills with no map.

Surprisingly my knowledge of water and terrain saved me Maddy would be proud. I live near the lake,
I realized that I could use the fact that water will always flow downhill to the lowest point to my advantage.
Obviously the lake was the lowest ground point in Toronto so all I would have to do was keep going downhill and eventually I'll be close enough to home to be able to navigate again. The plan paid off eventually I was able to get downtown and reorient myself.

Anyways that's enough excitement for the week. Now for boredom.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Why are we willing to give up more and more freedoms?

Today on the radio I had the insight of a lady that called in. She was a mother and called to complain about HMV and rap in her exact words:

Woman: The government should not allow HMV to sell rap,
rap music encourages gang violence as well as distasteful
treatment [of women]. Our kids are being manipulated and need to be protected from such materials.

Host: Wouldn't you say that you as a parent should be able to prevent your kids from falling victim to such influence.

Woman: Absolutely not, advertising is evil they brainwash my kids and unless your kids have a strong belief in god they will fall for such evil, and there will be nothing you can do.

I find it very dissapointing that this woman is calling to the government and asking that we give up one of the pillars of democracy: "Freedom of Speech". What's more I'm continuing to see how each and every day we are more and more willing to give up the few rights we still have as citizens. Personally bringing up your children should be the parents job and the parents job alone. If the government was to say it was now law that your kids must relinquish their faith and convert to scientology there would be an outrage. This is why the government doesn't take responsibility for the upbringing of our kids. Yet, this woman is not claiming responsibility for her children's and think the government should do it.

Honestly this is the epidemy of lazyness, and stupidity, your kids are your responsibility.

The second issue that she presents that concerns me is she stated that HMV should not be allowed to sell all forms of rap music. Umm.. some call that cultural racism, surely that's Illegal in Canada and expecually Toronto of all cities because of how multicultural we are. We are talking about an entire genre of music that a large number of people listen to. What's to stop me from banning dance music for "promotion of homosexual behavior?", or rock music for "encouragement of recreational drug usage".

I think my point is this, these days we have few rights as it is. Yet all around I see people saying, "gee I don't know if I can handle all this responsibility of taking care of myself and deciding how to live my life, please take these freedoms away from me."

Seriously guys grow up act like adults you really don't want to wake up one morning and realize that you've just lost the freedom to wipe your ass when you go to the toilet.