Sunday, April 17, 2005

Glenmount Site Update

In efforts to calm myself down I updated the look / feel for the 5 Glenmount message board.

Looks like most of my sites are getting a facelift now that I'm a guru of CSS stylesheets, which only leaves one site left for me to fix my portfolio site. The primary reason I'm procrastinating with fixing this one is that I didn't initally plan to do it with CSS sheets and thus it will be pretty hard to get all the styles in place. Plus that site was built from the ground up with various php scripts and thus it isn't as robust as a CMS system since I didn't orignally intend on putting one into place.

However if I am to convert it I think the next revision might use SQL, and include a built in editor seeing how I don't like updating as much as I used to.

The main obsticle is the stylesheets however, and the fact that I need to decide what stylesheets I will need in the final product, all else should be simple afterwards.

Also might want to know if I want to use PHP include or should I just use PHP's built in SQL calls to get my articles, the only issue here is that articles will be in plain text html anyways and I might not want to complicate my life by having to use "insert into articles..." commands.

I think though this is probably a summer project along with probably using some new tools like image-ready and dreamweaver to do the next layout format.

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