Thursday, March 31, 2005

Group Projects, Group Meetings, and Such

Heavy work is underway for the "Mouse Driver" project where we code an mouse driver entirely in assembly. So far this is turning out to be alot of fun, although we are running into some issues deciding on the conventions we are using.

All in all though things can be assumed to be sorted out over the weekend, at which point I expect this project to reach product testing and documentation editing stages.

Here's me and Jenny waiting at the bus stop to go to see the eng musical. It's this anual event engineers hold to relieve stress, and by the look on my face I could use some stress relief. Posted by Hello

Here's me and maddy getting ready to go to the eng musical, who knew engineer's can sort of sing! Posted by Hello
The following below is an account of events from CSGames
(sorry for being so late with the posting)

The time is 5:08am we are at the beginning of our trip to CS Games! Everyone is here, everyone but Emery... Where is Emery? Posted by Hello

Oh great a call from Emery the missing member to our group Brian tries to frantically figure out if he can still get some way to go to CSGames with us.

5:42am Posted by Hello

If you've never seen Brian sleep chances are he looks like this... :-) (he's gonna kill me when he sees this) Posted by Hello

After a few hours on the train then bus, we arrived here. Where's here? well the middle of no where seems to descibe it pretty good. Apparently we find out there's been a train de-railment up ahead and they are trying to divert trains to take us but they have to drop us off here temporarily. The time is 9:40am keep track of this number I'll have a quiz later on. Posted by Hello

This is how many people where delayed by our train de-railment. Most weren't happy including us that was seriously questioning if we might actually make it to CSGames at this point.

The time is now 12:55pmPosted by Hello

This is the point where we just realize that the doors of the train have closed and Bob, Jeff, Alan are still outside... This was a worried moment where we'd might leave without them. Posted by Hello

We're finally back together on another train the time is now 1:48pm for those of you keeping track. For those that remember we arrived at the layover at 9:40am, that's almost 4 hours!Posted by Hello

As a form of appeasement they gave everyone on board free chips. Brian seems to be pretty happy, the rest of us just worried and tired. Posted by Hello

Alan: Must study assembly.... :::snore::: Posted by Hello

When we all crowed around like this... You know it's one of those "where are we?" moments :-) Posted by Hello

Ste. Foy Station: To the left we have an arcade, and the right a bar. Strange combination. Posted by Hello

8:50pm we finally arrive on the streets of Ste. Foy Quebec, now to find our hotel... Posted by Hello

We're finally here!... Some are more happy than others. The rest are just tired.

Actually this is the day after we arrived at the hotel we arrived the previous night at around 9:15pm.Posted by Hello

How long did we take to get there?

Well considering we started at 5:05am and we got there at 9:15pm we around 16 hours!

So we had a right to be tired.

One things about bars in Quebec... Cheap drinks. Posted by Hello

This is what the competition rooms looked like. In the red SE T-Shirt there's Bob our Super-L3373-7YP3R (Super leet typer). He's getting warmed up in this pic I think. Posted by Hello

Apparently one of the Lan Games used in the competition was "Typing of The Dead". I don't know about you but it boggled my mind, hats off to Bob that gave us the second highest score in the game dispite the french keyboards. Posted by Hello

This would be "Pit stop" for our group where we chilled while we where slotted into events. Posted by Hello

I really wonder why the tickets are worth 1.87 (1/2) dollars.
Yes they have 1/2 a cent as part of the value. Posted by Hello

I don't know what this member of our group was doing... I'm not even gonna try to explain this one. Posted by Hello

Only in Quebec will you find a change machine right next to a Cigarette machine and a Chocolate vending machine... Poor little Timmy's gonna have to decide against sweets or smokes. Posted by Hello

On the way back we had a quick stop over in Montreal, here's Brian giving the waitress bags of relishes as part of the tip... (Brian also wrote strange comments on a arrow shaped post it) Posted by Hello

After a long game at CSGames some of us can think of nothing better than to get some shut eye... here's to an excellent next year! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Site Updates

Well I finally decided my blog needs an updated look. I decided to go with the clean look nothing fancy just cool colours. Hope you like it.