Saturday, July 07, 2007

Blade CP Do it yourself Canopy

Alright as with all things this one starts when I was really bored.

I decided that it was about time that someone make it easy to print and make your own canopy for RC helicopters.

So below is the instructions on how you can make your own Blade CP or any other 300 sized helicopter canopy out of paper! Finally you don't have to pay expensive prices when you crash with your OEM canopy, even better is you get to give your helicopter a cool look without being an expert air-brusher.

Give it a shot it's practically free!

  • Front template
  • Back template (fold lines optional)
  • Scissors
  • Packing tape or normal scotch glossy tape
  • RC helicopter to customize the position of the mounting holes.

Template Front Side:

Template Back Side:

I had alot of trouble writing written instructions so this how to video should do the trick I apologize for some shuddering but I didn't practice how to fold it before hand so half of it was trying to remember how to do the folds.

And the results? Well alot of people thought that it would look amaturish or look very cheap but in actual reality I think it looks pretty nice. Unfortunately I ran out of colour so the colour one will have to wait until my printer gets more ink.

Here's a result of what it looks like after with it applied to the Blade CP.

The body you see on the blade cp is also made out of paper through clever folding, if you guys are interrested I could make a guide for that as well but be warned it requires reasonably larger amount of tinkering to get right and alot of cutting and pasting.

Don't forget to post comments and links to your own killer canopies!