Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ghetto Tree 3.0

What is a ghetto tree? Take 4 very bored university students, add some dead vegitation a half drunk bottle of fruit punch and you will have it sooner than you think. At least you will if you live at 5 Glenmount.

This year's Ghetto tree's festivities went without a hitch I traveled 120km down to west Hamilton to participate in our yearly tradition! It just wouldn't be christmas without one of these! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

It all starts with a preparation montage, ok a single image is not much of a montage. Here's fearless maddy braving the splinters to get us some dead foliage!

Here's me attempting to put the tree together with packing tape, we downgraded from duct tape cause well it's even more ghetto this year! In about 2 seconds a branch is about to fly in my eye, following a precarious knock of the table.

It's Dan, Dan the cork man! Ok so this is his ornament you should've seen how long he sat patiently with a sharp stick hammering away so he could get the string through. Even bush is amazed.

Unfortunately Greg couldn't make it, but to make up for it I gave his orniment and upgrade. Now if someone gets injured during the dark we can say it was Greg in spirit.

I don't really know the story behind these all I know is they came from Bermuda. So guess what Mike's here in spirit too! We think the chair is fitting of Mike because he's so lax... come to think of it wasn't that the problem?

This is an action shot of the ghetto tree probably the best angle I taken in the night.

Here's the tree in all it's glory! This year it's bigger than ever it took several shots before I was able to fit it all in it reaches the ceiling! well almost, Ghetto tree 3 is the biggest yet!
And here's a dedication to Jenny, we all know you really wanted to come but can't really make it from Manitoba. Merry Christmas Jenny :-), and Merry Christmas everyone! It's finally here!