Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A whole lotta...

Finally I get a break I can say that for the next 4 days I'm doing NOTHING! That's right nothing! whew. After a whole 12 months of activity I'm sure as hell glad to finally get this week off. I'm prepared to catch up on my rest, and to finish tying up some not so loose ends. (cough cough government).

It really does feel good to do nothing, in fact waking up at 12:00pm everyday could not be sweeter. I think my body is still catching up the rest it lost throughout the entire year.

oh and another thing I just changed my cell number today to a local number. If you didn't get it you'll have to email me to get it.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Phone interview and a job offer in the same day!

I'll be the first to say that I'm as surprised as anyone about this today at approximately 1:00pm - 2:00pm I was given a job interview for an company that needs someone to convert their old source code over to a newer framework. This is basically a dream job development related alot of refinement and not to talk about redesign for when we adapt it for the new framework and it's in a small place that can move you around alot. What shocked me was that I was interviewed on the phone and given the position on the spot!

This is sweet! Guess all those software projects payed off!

Woot now all that's left is I need a sublet. So if anyone you know needs a place in Hamilton next to McMaster University located at: 43°15'20.18"N, 79°55'26.07"W (see google maps) I'm renting for 8 months yes the very rare 8 month lease! So get it while you can!

Stats: Located here: (google maps)

  • $375 / month Utilities included!
  • 5 Minutes from campus
  • Single room fully furnished (just bring your pc)
  • I have an air conditioner here you can leave it here or I can unmount it.
  • High speed internet equipped (pay approx $7 / month)
  • Of course the best feature your gonna be with an excellent group of people!
Contact me if you want to see the place: kaboom-5(at)hotpop(dot)com (prevents spammers)

Monday, August 15, 2005

August 6 Ottawa:

August 6th me and my family decided to head down to the parliment buildings in Ottawa. Being a good tourist and all I got some photos to share with you guys.

Here's me at the main attraction the parliment buildings in Ottawa and me not really knowing if I should be standing at attention in this photo.

Mom here is in a much more relaxed pose I would say it was good enough of a photo that I decided to make a post card out of it.

Funny story about this one. It seems that all our fore fathers have the same problem with sea gulls on their heads. It seems that each has a seagull on it proudly standing on it's head and promptly crapping

Mom and my brother at the parliment buildings again.

Me at the centennial flame, that was lit one canada was first formed and has been burning ever since.

The redeau canal, Toronto really doesn't have water this clean.

When people are bored on the car funny things will happen I managed to caught my mother doing the japanese tourist pose after some convincing.

This is us in Montreal (yes we aren't in Ottawa anymore).

After this trip there was a 6hr car drive, it was quite exhausting. You should've seen me during that but taking a shot of yourself while driving on the highway was probably not the brightest idea.