Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hex Wallpaper

It's time to switch up the wallpapers again so I've come up with a new concept for everyone to enjoy Hex WallPapers (in the same vein as the carbon fiber wall paper before it).


John MG said...

Pretty nice windows wallpaper.
Please find more at Desktop Wallpaper - Computers

Randolph Cohen said...


I thought I would try and ask you for some advice about a previous post you made about installing a usage monitor in a dd-wrt equipped router. I read your description, and as a relative novice, I m unable to install the monitor and run the commands to get it to work. I am hoping you could correspond with me and walk me through the process of implementing your program. I am burning through bandwidth like crazy and hitting the limits of my isp but I am unable to determine what address in my LAN or what application is burning through the data. I can see the WAN chugging along at 30Mbps in a pulsatile fashion.

Anyway, I know you may have no interest in helping me, but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask.


Randolph Cohen said...

I am a monkey at a typewriter.

vortex-5 said...

you may find the github more helpful.

Dennis Faucher said...

Thank you for bwmon. Just installed it and it works like a charm. dd-wrt should add this feature as a default.