Monday, September 05, 2005

Simulation Run

Tomorrow I'll be doing a check on how long it will take for me to get to work via rush hour times. I'll be riding the bus en-route to check the times for these things. Mainly I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to take too long over 1 hour to get to work everyday otherwise I might consider renting a place near my new workplace in richmond hill.

From the looks of things I'll be taking the King streetcar to King stn. (starting approx 8am) At king station hopefully I won't forget to get the GTA weekly pass (it's cheaper than paying for both Toronto and York transists every day). Then from King subway I will squeeze, and I do mean that literally cause if you've seen rush hour at the subways boy its it ever a squeeze. Anyways I will squeeze my way to Don Mills station. If all goes well the info I obtained about the GT I'll be able to find the 25D bus that will take me to my final destination. What I'm not certain about is the timming of all this so being the first time I could easily take more than 1 hour. To make things fair because I have to do things like buy a weekly pass and find where all the terminal traffic is I'll probably be taking away 10min on my travel time.

The bus will probably drop me off 0.2km from my final destination so I'm going to make sure I simulate that part as well. If not I'll be sure to add on time for that particular part of the journey.

Personally I really don't want to live out there, its barren and there really isn't anything to do. The only reason for really heading out there is that it really is taking to long to get to work every morning, and come back. Now if it comes to that I'll make the descision after the 1st month. I think the other reason I'm not so hot about going down there is that since it's not downtown I'd probably be bored out of my mind in my apartment mon-fri. Without a roomate amounst other things I will really be deprived of human contact that I thrive on.

Anyways better get a show and get ready for tomorrow it'll be a long day.

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