Saturday, September 17, 2005

The thing I hate most about computers

Being the computer guy, the thing I hate most is that on regular occasions I have to go and fix computers for friends and family. Honestly at this point I really hate doing it, it might have been interresting when I was younger but now it's really a pain everytime I decide to do such a thing.

The thing with fixing computers these days it's the majority of time it's removing spyware and other junk on their computer. Unlike before these days users are much less willing to part with their data because they actually don't keep backups anymore. The result is that your stuck with the inability to format and you have to use a computer that's terribly infected with all forms of spyware and malware.

In back a few years ago fixing was actually fixing, it involved diagnosing the problem and fixing a particular problem. It was challenging since it might be anything from an invalid IRQ to an badly configured piece of hardware/software. The advent of the internet and wonderful spyware programs that claim to be freeware has destroyed all that an now every computer person dreads having to fix someone else's computer.

I am much more willing to help fix a computer of a computer literate person since the problem they have is almost always non-spyware related.

Anyways looks like I have to stop rambling and head down to a mutual friend of the families and deal with yet another spyware infested PC again. So until next week cheers to all.

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