Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The numbers are in

I first want to apologize for the hap-hazard look of this I wrote this on the palm while on the bus so there was no chance in organizing any of it. I haven't run analysis on it yet cause I'm a bit beat from the whole trip. I'll have a full detailed analysis for you everyone in the comming days.

Departure - 9/6/05 7:50 am
From departure to the trasfer on to sheppard took approx 30min. this is with consideration that I missed a streetcar to simulate possible delays. There was no that high a volume of commuters as I once though, possibly because the bulk of the commuting happens at 8:30-9:00am.

Transfer at Sheppard - 9/6/05 8:32 am
Sheppard line seems to go slightly faster I feel a stronger acceleration curve it just so happens that Don Mills is the last station on this route.

Arrival at Don Mills - 9/6/05 8:41 am

On final bus - 9/6/05 8:46 am
Hmm... it seems to be taking more than 15 min you might consider getting a place near your work at this rate.

Consideration zone:
< 1hr none
1hr < 50% < 1:30hr
1:30hr < a must!

at the current rate we either find a better route or get a place here.

(took the longer path the loop is excessive)
loop start: 9/6/05 9:10 am
This loop is a bad idea it's taking too long

18min loop
Off final bus - 9/6/05 9:28 am
wrong stop - 9/6/05 9:28 am
9/6/05 9:40 am
9/6/05 9:46 am
9/6/05 9:48 am

At Pci - 9/6/05 9:52 am

(return trip we'll take a different route)
Taking the VIIA
departure - 11:16 am
arrival at richmond hill centre - 11:21 am
arrival at finch - 11:49 am
pass troubles - 12:00 pm
Enter train - 12:02 pm
-- time from departure -- 34min
arrival at king - 12:32 pm
(note bus time is longer due to non-rush hour use the previous numbers for this part)

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