Monday, September 20, 2004

3I03 9/20/04 12:13am

I've just completed the lecture slides for the presentation, I've tried to follow some of the philosphy that have been handed down to us in class.

I've tried to keep each line to a minimum, and although in the end I decided to take out most of my half-life 2 comparison for lack of content I'll leave that for if I have enough time.

The current draft 1.0 includes details about lisp and 2 slides on his page of AI. I'll be spending the most time on his AI paradigms it seems.

To me at least it seems most of his interresting work stems from this category, prehaps I can still salvage some of my Half-Life material to do real life comparisons with the theoretical AI. work that JM did.

So the slides have been completed things to do:
1. Get the slides printed at docu center.
2. Start working on speech connectives.

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