Friday, September 17, 2004

3I03 9/14/04 11:52 am
Ideas for my speech:
Make sre to state the purpose of your speech within the first few sentances.

Make sure you list at least one application seen today from A.I.
(did he create the framework for valve)

Be sure to include his birth and death dates prehaps who he works with too.

Be sure to prepare filler material.
Construct a tree diagram for yor speech.

Do not forget to introduce yourself!

Play with the idea of role playing, act like this person's comming in.

12:05 pm
Formatting decisions 2 page transparencies.

1st page Introduction to yourself and your person.

2nd page key points of your presentation.

12:11 pm
Consideration of a credits page?

12:12 pm
How a presentation tree might work:
- You can go 'n' levels deep.
- You can choose not to branch off.
- You can build in alternate paths.

12:16 pm
Be sure to find interresting trinkets about your person.

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