Thursday, September 09, 2004


9/9/04 11:55 am
Went to class.
Was bored.
Wanted to case bodily harm to prof.
11:59 am
Learned about Turnitin program to check against plagerism.
12:00 pm
Learned that attendance is manditory.
12:02 pm
Learned that this prof expects questions.
12:04 pm
Learned that the prf expects feedback: currently thinking this class is too harsh.
12:05 pm
Shocked by the fact you can't miss more than 4 classes. Anything else needs an associate Dean note.
12:07 pm
Added to do list: find associate dean address.
12:10 pm
I'm realizing this could be a tedious course. A very tedious course.
12:14 pm
1101 = 13 unlucky
12:17 pm
Todo added: read text book VIII 1,2,3,4
12:19 pm
First draft will not count to final grade.

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