Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Online and on time

One thing I like about being with a DSL service is if they say your line will be up at a certain time, most of the time it will.

After debating with the Installer today about the questionable nature of the wiring in this apartment we are finally online and kicking with bell DSL.

What's more amazing was that the activation cost for the dry loop was only $1.22 That's right I saw on my invoice I was deducted $10 promo, $6 rebate, and a few other misc savings for being an existing member. That's just awesome.

Bell surprises you with charges you don't have to pay where cogeco would just surprise you with incidental charges.

So the total cost of activation so far is $20 for buying the modem and $1.22 for the install.

Currently the line rates are 3008bps down 800bps up. Pretty awesome all things considered. I did need to make an extra run to the local shop to exchange the initial modem which was defective, I guess that's a crap shoot anyways.

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