Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Search for a good ISP

Well so things are settled I'll be moving back to Hamilton within 2 weeks.
The internet situation still needs to be resolved however.
Here's a comparison of the 2 providers I'm looking at:

(The table is below there's some formatting glitch causing it to jump I'm to lazy to fix it now)

Monthly Charge$47.95$29.99
Rental fees(covered) $0$7
Totals (per month with install)$52.12$38.66
Annual Cost$625.44$463.92

Obviously we can see that DSL is a lot cheaper than Cogeco unfortunately cogeco comes with TV you'd be paying $13.46 / month for TV or $161.52 for the year just for standard cable!

My stance is ditch the cable cause DSL is much more reliable anyways but we'll see if I have trouble convincing the others.

1 comment:

Andy said...

The only downside is can you get the $29.99 price for the whole year or is that a three month promotion?