Friday, August 10, 2007

Apartment Hunt

The places are pretty much the same in terms of space that is available at each the only things I find different are the configuration of the rooms location of the apartments and price. I'm listing the full price which will be shared between 2 people so just divide the price by 2 to get a rough idea of what it would cost.

Place 1:
Price: $ 770/month
Included in cost: Heat, Water, 1 Parking spot
Not included: Hydro, Phone, Internet

Advantages: Closest location to campus, Good landlord, Hardwood floors, Freshly painted and ready, Fair price, Best room configuration.

Disadvantages: Most expensive by $20/person.


Main living room and kitchen

smaller bedroom

larger bedroom + hallway


Place 2:
Price: $ 720/month
Included in cost: Heat, Water
Not included: Hydro, Phone, Internet, Parking, Room painting

Advantages: not as close as location 1 but still close, Hardwood floors.
Disadvantages: Internet extra, parking extra, landlord bitchy according to ethel (she was bitchy when I visited too), Place will not be ready until Sept 15 only can get it earlier if you take it as is without the repairs cleaning or repainting required.



Place 3:
Price: $ 700/month
Included in cost: Heat, Water, 1 parking
Not included: Hydro, Phone, Internet

Advantages: Aside from being the cheapest none.

Disadvantages: Far from campus (farther than camelot towers) and bus comes rarely at this location. The distance would surely make it inconvinent it is at the border of what I would consider too far from campus to make sense. The facility is the most run down of the 3 the hallways to your appartment look much worse than the other 2.



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Andy said...

Where are these places? Toronto? Hamilton? I have a couple good recommendations for hamilton if you are interested. Just did the apartment search a couple months ago too :P