Thursday, February 09, 2006

Filming in Hamilton

This weekend (Sunday) I might be heading down to Hamilton to be in the intro video to CSGAMES team Segfault. As of yet I haven't recieved the location and time details so I'm not sure but there's a good chance this week would be the week to get team segfault's clips together while Kev and others will dilligently work on splicing together the various clips to form an actual team video.

Next week wednesday (Feb 15) I'll be heading down to Missauga for a .NET user group meeting (at Microsoft Canada Headquarters). That should be an interresting event.

Additionally following that week that weekend the 5G gang would probably be heading to T.O. or at least Andy might be heading down week of 18-19 for the auto show, which I will be joining him.

Sounds like some busy weeks ahead.

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