Monday, February 27, 2006

Autoshow 2006 recap

I was at the autoshow week of Feb 18-19, but I decided not to post these pics until the autoshow was finished.

On to the pictures then!

Can you believe you can rent super cars for a weekend now? That's a sweet service since those things aren't very practical anyways.

"Best new sports sedan"

Unobvious hybrid

Really don't like that new nose

The Ashton Martin DB9 Wheels

Ashton Martin DB9

this is the slightly smaller and sportier Ashton Martin V8 Vantage

Before I fell in love with my current car design, I was really pulled toward this one the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Mitsubishi's one of those companies you don't see on the streets alot but they're products look just that much more unique for that reason.

Once again don't like the new nose design I think it looks horrible.

For those that have seen my car or own a Mazda3 take a close look at this. No it's not a Mazda3 guage. It's acutally from a pontiac. Now who stole from who is hard to tell. I will say this though the seats were terribly uncomfortable.

No one can deny the Laborghini defiently looks different. This has stayed my dream car for many years. Plainly for this reason, many cars can be fast but this car can look fast even when it doesn't move at all. The shape of the car looks more closer to a stealth fighter than a car, and I love that. Not that the car is a slouch at all it's up there with the best cars.

Dodge charger I believe. Well even if not it's US made because of the areodynamic nightmare of a nose. Might be powerful but don't expect a high top speed. (looks like the americans have reverted to pushing bricks throught the wind again).

This is the same car I have in a different colour that my parents originally wanted me to get.... I'm so glad I went with Titanium grey instead.

Here's the Mazda concept car, I believe it was an experiment with seamless design. since your not able to see the C pillars. Nor are you able to see the headlights (Could they be behind a clever 2 sided surface?)

A very nice convertable indeed.

Let me reiterate it's a stealth jet.

I want these. It seemed some new cars were using some new frameless wiper blades. I want these, but haven't seen this style in any shops. Pictured here is off a BMW, but there are Honda's with the same wipers. I'd really want to test this one out so I'll be watching the stores for it.

The new High speed mercedes?

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