Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Nascar Speedway (Company Event!)

Location: Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre

One of the perks of working in a small company that I discovered is the free company events. These are events which the company your working for sponsors you to goto to have good time. I have to say this was quite awsome I'm a semi speed freak so this is right up my alley. Even if your not super into speed or go-karts this is a good chance to see a bunch of 40+ year olds act like they're 16.

The end of my 5 round heat I manage to score 4 first place records. I think it's a combination of my driving style and the fact that I'm lighter so the cars have an easier time accelerating and slowing down for a turn. Every lbs counts in a kart.

Few things lead to a slight advantage in my opinon.

  1. Bounce avoidance: Karts will bonce alot of times when going down straight aways or turning and going down straightaways. This is bad for speed with every bounce the steering will go loose because the wheels don't contact the ground. This can lead to the wheels not being straight when you land, which I discovered first run. When going down bouncing try keeping your steering wheel as straight as possible, you will have to fight or tense up on the wheel substansialy to resist the bounce force.
  2. Racing line: I've played enough racing sims to realize that when you turn you want to stay on the outside and make your way towards the inside then accelerate until your all on the outside again. We're not drifting here so try not to skid your car that causes a loss in kenetic energy thus speed. If you do this right you'll learn now to sling shot yourself around turns which will gain you a slight lead every turn you take. If your driving defensively it might be helpful to take the inside line although not as fast, always keep in mind the swing force of your car and try to preserve as much energy you've built up already. Translation, don't force it if you feel the car giving your comming in too hot and can't convert enough straight kenetic energy into rotational energy.
  3. Watch your rear: Even when I had the slowest car I still managed not to come in last this is because I always watched my rear to make sure I gave as little opportunity to pass as possible. It pays to drive this way when you know your opponent has the upper hand.
  4. Controlled aggression: Often a calculated aggresive move will do in most situations. I'm not saying purposely hit someone head on, I'm saying if your taking the inside line and someone won't let you pass don't be afraid to squeeze since the karts have bumpers you'll probably be able to get past. This brings into play another factor, if you push their kart the right way around a turn you will gain more turning angle because your putting some energy onto their kart. If done right you can actually steal their momentum from them when they are trying to recover.

Anyways it was fun but I did get labeled an aggresive driver, to that in my defence I only can say: "I'm a Toronto driver, what do you want?". Surprisingly though I wasn't the one with the most head on collisions so at least my goal is to win not kill the person in front of me, abiet the two goals seem quite similar at times.

Seeing how my blog doesn't update for awhile at a time, until next time keep safe everyone and if that driving sounds familiar to you, please contact me when you are about to get on the road. One of me is enough trouble :-)

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