Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Upcomming trip: Social Justice Retreat

Well this weekend I'm going to get back into the volunteering gig. I'm gonna joing my friends at the SJR and do some volunteer programs for youths. Over there we'll be encouraging various youths to take leadership roles by participating in various adventure themed excercises like kyaking, and ropes courses.

On the personal front I'm still battling the excitement and stress the comes with going back to University. I'm trying to find if I have everything I need if I need to relearn Calculus (as is the case with many of my peers) before the start. And when I can move my furniture to the place I'm renting. On top of all that a blackout happened on thrusday the 14th with left most of us in the dark. During which alot of my things to do got pushed back around two to three days.

My only hope is that this trip does not interfere with my plans afterwards well I might be blogging about this trip on the 24th when I return, so until then kudos!

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