Friday, December 05, 2008

Pictures From My Trip

One thing I wasn’t able to do yet is post up all the pictures form my trip to Seattle. Well I finally got off my lazy bum and here they are.


Day One

HPIM5914 Every big trip like this starts with an overly excited mother. I love my mom she’s so full over energy even at her old age.


If it looks like I’m going nuts that’s because it’s actually 3am in the morning and my flight leaves at 5am. Having to stay up all night with no entertainment or exams is a trying experience.


We leave Toronto at night before the sun comes up, first destination is the Detroit transfer station.


It always makes me proud to be an engineer to see aircraft take off, with over several million parts they are arguably the most complex and mission critical machines with many lives depending on them each flight.


No trip is complete without a windows error screen at the departure gate. Luckily our flight was on the other screens otherwise we would’ve had to go to the other end of the terminal to find a working screen that didn’t have an obvious windows crash.


Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures form the flight to Seattle my camera died and there was no way to change the batteries in flight. This is a picture of me after I arrived in Bellevue.


Bellevue is like a smaller Hamilton it has a large mall that feels scarily like Limeridge.


In Canada we’re somewhat health obsessed, this isn’t the case apparently for the US. Fat is to be praised and to be displayed in bright neon signs!


Day Three


HPIM5945 HPIM5941

We visited some of the natural sites around the area here is Snoqualmie falls it looks like it came out of a post card.



Of course the mandatory proof that you were here Photos.


We did most of our touring via taxi since we didn’t know where things were. Had this not been subsidized it would’ve been a enormous bill.


One of our first official tourist location was the aircraft museum here is what the entrance gate looks like.


Well you don’t see this everyday!

 HPIM5974 HPIM5975


They even let you test drive one… Hey dealer, we’ll take two.


HPIM5980 HPIM5982

They really like BIG in the US this is just one example of a bridge in their museum.


HPIM5984 HPIM5985

By far one of the most impressive aircraft was the retired Concorde it’s a shame everyone couldn’t take a ride at mach 2.

HPIM5994HPIM5995HPIM5996 HPIM5987 HPIM5986 HPIM5988

The Concorde was so massive that there was no way I could get a full frame photo of it.


HPIM5989 HPIM5990 HPIM5991 HPIM5992 HPIM5993

The museum of flight also had an retired Air Force One Jet. The president really does travel large.




I attempted to get my mom into the mood but she refused to “float” like me. Yes I didn’t realize I was making a goofy face, no I wasn’t dying from a depressurization.


Day Four


HPIM6001 HPIM6002  HPIM6005

The next day was spent in Seattle, it is truly a beautiful city.

HPIM6007 HPIM6008


Day Five




The next day started a bit different we had a tour booked at the Boeing aircraft assembly plant. Truly an amazing building the Boeing assembly plant is the Guinness book of records for the largest building in the world. The building is so large in fact that before they hand a full ventilation system rain clouds would form inside the building.


One of the extremely large Rolls Royce turbo fans.



The tour was followed up by some food in Downtown Seattle by the sea port. We opted to go to this restaurant called the crab pot. It was quite peculiar our server gave us a wooden cutting board and proceeded to call it our “plate” and gave us a mallet calling it our “utensils”. Later on when the meal was ready there was no plates to be found the entire cook very fresh (the boat unloads here) seafood is just dumped on your table without even a bowl. This is truly an experience I’d recommend it to everyone.


Seattle was the birth place of Starbucks, believe it or not the original mermaid was much fatter. She apparently had to go on a diet to seem presentable to the rest of the world.


The famous Seattle market is truly a sight, it’s hard to explain what’s it’s like here but you will find the strangest of shops.




Day Six

We decided that we should see what it was like to live in the area so day six was spent exploring nature.






Day Seven


Alas all good things must come to an end. I had my week in Seattle and now it’s finally time to leave.

HPIM6036 HPIM6037  HPIM6038HPIM6040


The wings of modern aircraft are amazing pieces. Also amazing is the Rockies in the distance. Much cooler than our bland background.


HPIM6058 HPIM6059 HPIM6060 HPIM6061

That concludes my trip as you all know I’m back at McMaster now.

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