Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Arrived at the Hotel

I’ve finally arrived at the hotel. There was a bit of an airplane fiasco one lady on the airplane had trouble breathing up at 20,000 ft. We volunteered to assist her in flight and as we got to the airport as we were the only two people that were able to translate English –> Mandarin.

Upon arrival at the hotel there was a neat little package that greeted us with an itinerary and a plan for tomorrow. Guess tomorrow’s the big day.

Did some recon work as well asked the hotel receptionist if there were a lot of people checking in that were also going for interviews to get an idea of how much competition I can expect to face, her response was yes we get lots! All the time. But failed to give an actual number.

Tomorrow in a way I’ll be representing Myself, McMaster, and Canada.

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