Friday, September 08, 2006

A Quick Recharge

Well I got back for the weekend and I'm back in T.O. now. I have to say this will feel like a good recharge after the noisiness and the inital chaos of welcome week and the first week of classes.

I do need to aquire a new set of ear plugs while I'm here can't really borrow ear plugs from Alex indefinetly. Other than that this blog entry is rather boring, guess I'll try and get back to the whole picture blogs that I used to have.

Oh and as a promise I'll be slowly uploading the 5G picture set once I get a new flicker account hopefully I'll eventually get around to most of them (there's about 2GB in total) once they're all up I'll cross link them to the 5G forum. Although at this point I see this as a year long on going project.

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