Thursday, August 18, 2005

Phone interview and a job offer in the same day!

I'll be the first to say that I'm as surprised as anyone about this today at approximately 1:00pm - 2:00pm I was given a job interview for an company that needs someone to convert their old source code over to a newer framework. This is basically a dream job development related alot of refinement and not to talk about redesign for when we adapt it for the new framework and it's in a small place that can move you around alot. What shocked me was that I was interviewed on the phone and given the position on the spot!

This is sweet! Guess all those software projects payed off!

Woot now all that's left is I need a sublet. So if anyone you know needs a place in Hamilton next to McMaster University located at: 43°15'20.18"N, 79°55'26.07"W (see google maps) I'm renting for 8 months yes the very rare 8 month lease! So get it while you can!

Stats: Located here: (google maps)

  • $375 / month Utilities included!
  • 5 Minutes from campus
  • Single room fully furnished (just bring your pc)
  • I have an air conditioner here you can leave it here or I can unmount it.
  • High speed internet equipped (pay approx $7 / month)
  • Of course the best feature your gonna be with an excellent group of people!
Contact me if you want to see the place: kaboom-5(at)hotpop(dot)com (prevents spammers)

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