Monday, July 02, 2012

Greenwich Observatory

Maritime Greenwich Royal Observatory

 The maritime section of the "tube" tunnel was bored by this machine which is forever embedded in the station.
Maritime greenwich is a nice small town near the water. Very water themed shops.
 Greenwich's Royal Naval University
One of the most unique sundials you will find the tails cast a shadow on the curved surface which can be read. Unfortunately London rains so much I'm not sure how much use they got out of this.

 Clocks used to be 24 hours

The only place in the world where you can be for sure on the west side of the earth and the east side of the earth at once.
 Although the line may not seem that impressive our entire world revolves around being able to keep track of time accurately. Besides where else can you say you are at 0 minutes 0 seconds or GPS co-ordinate 00.00?

The Prime Meridian statue.

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