Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some Photos From London

I'm a bit behind on my photo updating now that I'm back from my vacation. I have literally taken thousands of photos so the only logical thing to do is put up only a nice summary set.

Ah Londoners, for a relatively modern city I still don't understand why they insist on using such ancient looking taxis. In fact I don't think you can drive anything but these things if you want to be licensed.

Yes the stereotypical red telephone boxes still exist.

The call didn't get anywhere. Turns out you need to know your country's exit code along with the country you're calling's area code etc.... We have it very easy in north america.

A typical street where we stayed, most of London still looks like this.

Here's the simply named "The British Museum" from the outside it shines of roman architecture.

The inside is another story filled with modern glass and steel. The main chamber is massive photos don't do it justice.

Mom was very excited to see a room full of these apparently they were stolen chinese artifacts

One of my favorite exhibits was the ancient clockwork left over from Britain's past. Show above all the exhibits featured still working clocks. Some with very intricate mechanisms.

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