Friday, February 04, 2011

Usage Based Billing : The Fight Isn't Over Yet

As many Canadian's breath a sigh of relief I would like to remind them the fight isn't over yet. In this CRTC hearing the behaviour is shameful.

Admist the 400,000+ now that have signed the petition against Usage Based Billing the head of the CRTC is still ignorant a belligerent and insistent that their stance is pro-consumer and not for the telcos:

In addition when asked "How do you come to these figures" Referring to statistics regarding how much internet (GB) consumers use and what impact it would have on consumers Fickenstien continuously reiterates "Bell told us the average user uses 15GB", "Bell told us this would only affect 4% of the population".  The same was applied to overage charges they admitted they just took Bell's figures for their retail customers and applied a discount instead of actually calculate how much it costs for a gigabyte and see if the markup is reasonable.

How does the CRTC a regulatory body even do any regulating if all they do is take data that Bell claims and doesn't so much as do a little verification?

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