Saturday, June 26, 2010

On the streets of G20

G20 started getting dangerously close to my house so I decided I should see if there was any immediate danger. Well I’m not going to caption but here’s what it looks like on the streets.
HPIM6537 HPIM6547HPIM6548

As tensions build the police fire rubber bullets into the crowd you can spot a rubber bullet near the end of this video.

After firing the rubber bullets the crowd gets rowdy and pushes back.


And as soon as the cops back off the Hooligans camouflaged into the rest of the crowd set fire to yet another police cruiser.

HPIM6565 HPIM6567 HPIM6575 HPIM6576 HPIM6577 HPIM6581

You can all make up your own captions about the event it should be somewhat self explanatory.
I’ll make it clear that I don’t support the actions of the violent protesters the peaceful ones were around but they’ve been largely overshadowed by the few violent ones.

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