Monday, May 17, 2010

Mass Exodus of Facebook

It's interesting from a long ago Facebook quitter to observe this new mass exodus that is now occurring. 4 Months ago me and my group of friends discussed privacy concerns over Facebook and since then deactivated our accounts.

It would seem that the world is catching up to our tech savvy movement. Recently in the last few weeks the Internet has been in an uproar about privacy concerns over Facebook. Facebook has introduced a service that allows you to be logged in to share data over various services. Once again like all Facebook introductions everything is defaulted to public for their entire network.

As the patterns build up it seems to all point to what me and my friends assumed 4 months ago. Facebook it would appear doesn't really care about privacy and will never learn from their mistakes. The act of opening all your personal information to the public is not a mistake so much as a conscious business strategy. It is very much to Facebook's benefit to make all your information public. As such they will continue to try and open up every last piece of data you put on it until you finally delete your account.

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