Monday, February 09, 2009

Source Dedicated Server On Linux

Here's a quick guide to how to get any server up and running on linux from scratch.

  1. Go to the steam website and download the "hldsupdatetool.bin"

  2. Make a new directory for your steam install mkdir steam

  3. hldsupdatetool.bin is actually a self extracting executable it extracts the executable steam into your new directory

  4. Now you need to execute steam auto-update to grab the binary files
    ./steam -command update -game [gamename] -dir [installdir]

    The [gamename] can be:

    • tf: Team Fortress 2

    • l4d_full: Left4Dead

    • esmod: Eternal Silence

    The [installdir] is where you want it to put the game for modular installs you should place sub directory so each game will live in it's own directory.

    ./steam -command update -game l4d_full -dir .

  5. To run your server you navigate to your server directory and execute the following command
    ./srcds_run -autoupdate -game left4dead +maxplayers 4

Have fun!

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