Sunday, October 12, 2008

CTF on the streets of Toronto

Yesterday night I was out tagging chasing down flags and dodging traffic. For the green team. It was every gamer's dream to bring a video game like CTF to real life. Did we ever have a crowd though, almost 700 participants arrived for this year's events again.

The rules where simple the territory was divided into north and south sides. The north side belonged to the green team and the south side to the orange team. Each person was handed a glow stick at random that signified your team. When you were on friendly territory you were defending, as in you were allowed to tag the opposing team. If you were on enemy territory you were vunerable and you has to sneak and run your way past the defenders.

Sounds simple enough right? Well add to the mix cars and scouts that would play while they were on bikes and the insanity of Toronto's interconnected underground financial district and you got a level that is far more confusing than and video game ctf level could ever be.

You'll be dodging traffic jumping over headges, performing spy moves like suddenly skipping away into a crowd when being followed. Best of all this event is free and open to all.

I for one am returning when CTF makes another real world round.

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