Monday, April 14, 2008

UI hall of shame McMaster MUGSI

It's not often that I run across a user interface that is as utterly useless and requires a course it itself just to work around all the glitches as McMaster's MUGSI. Also known as the student information gateway.

In reality it's more like an information gate keeper constantly keeping vital information a student needs away from them by posing clever riddles. Each logic problem can be solved by doing something completely illogical.

For example if you start on the main page and go into this sub interface the user is presented with instructions on how to access their tax form. The idea behind this riddle is to confuse and frustrate the user as if you actually read the instructions you'll be looking for non-existent items!

The correct procedure would be to close this window and navigate to the appropriate tax section on the interface previous to this popup window. Honestly this seriously belongs in the UI - Hall of shame.

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Anonymous said...

i didnt have much trouble with mugsi