Sunday, April 22, 2007

Final meeting of Team 5

It has finally come to and end the final meeting of team five has taken place here are the pictures of team 5 being awarded 1st prize.

IBM judges presenting Team 5 with the 1st prize award. From left to right: David Muir, Ethel Macasias, FanFan Huang, Nadine, Kiruthiga Sinnarajah, Mike Darmitz, Alan Sia, Hussian.

Team5 with the 1st place plaque and the award envelopes. From left to right: Kiruthiga Sannarajah, Alan Sia, FanFan Huang, Mike Darmitz, Ethel Macasias

The Team5 goodbye party, Here's Ethel and Mike rocking out to some tunes.

Final graduating shot everyone showing off their rings.

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