Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halloween Recap

This year the engineering society decided to have their Halloween festivities early and not inform all the engineers in 4th year (thanks guys). We all know however that despite this I'll find a way to pull off this year's fantastic Halloween costume.

The Construction

Before we can go to any parties we need a costume right? Well ever since 5G it's been tradition that you A) have to be something in your field of study, and B) must be home made. I was pretty settled on my initial idea a while ago on being a mouse cursor so I went to get the stuff.

This year I started with 2 sheets of foam (which was actually one large sheet cut in half) $4.95 from home depot.

Next we need a reference mouse cursor, I printed this one out in big and worked out that to get it to fit on my block of foam I'd need it to be scaled 1:18.3.

I got spray paint while at the home depot so instead of using painstaking markers I could spray away and give the mouse cursor a more authentic look. To do this we need to mask away the areas we will be painting.

And now we paint and.....

The Party

So what's one to do with a finished costume but no engineering party to go to? Go to the biology party of course!

Jen decided to bob for apples.... Considering how she eats ice cream the ending here is rather clean.

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