Monday, July 11, 2005

The government really sucks!

For those that have been paying attention the last little while (for the last year now), I've been trying to get my name changed over to the proper name. Guess what a so far there's no word from the office of the registrar general, and all thier lines are busy every time you try to call.

They've already deducted $137 fee for the service that I see them yet providing. I now have to get an affidavit certifying that although the driver's licence and SIN card are under different names (only slightly) they are still the same person. For that I need a legal certifying authority.

Guess what, that means more digging. For me.

I mean this last little bit with the government feel like training for the adult world. After this I'd be an expert. I mean in the beginning I was your typical polite guy at the government offices, waiting to be served, starting my sessions with "can you help me with this?". Now it's more like "LOOK,... I payed for services that obviously you didn't provide. I demand justice".

That leads us into what fun things I have planned for today. I'm going to head down to the Office of the Registrar General in Hamilton, and I'm going to vent some steam. At the same time if they tell me to call the number to find out the status I'll just fire back. "Listen miss, that so called number is disconnected or for some other reason is constantly busy, if I could call a number do you really think I would come all the way down here to your hole?!"

I apologize for my harsh words today but as you can see I'm a bit pissed, and I'm using this to vent. Honestly, I think waiting a year when the estimated wait time is 6-8 weeks is patient enough!

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