Thursday, June 02, 2005

Java 2D

There's quite an ambitious project comming up. Me, Kevin Klinger, Don Vo intend on building a 2D sprite engine for a simulator that will run a 2D fighter sim for a contest we are planning on behalf of McMaster university.

Originally we looked at .NET as a solution for the engine but then we realized that the audience for .NET is limited to the windows platform, and that was not ideal. Instead we decided the most portable language without showing our implimentation (this is a contest after all) would be JAVA.

Preliminary research is underway figuring out how to do certain things like blit away sprites and do double buffering. We are glad at the information we've been finding so fare comforting us that we don't need to use OpenGL to get this one done which would've been overkill.

The 2nd part of this project is the more difficult part right now it seems. We would like them to code the A.I. in a programming language we create. At the moment we're not really sure if we have to write a parser and lexer and then a symantec executor from scratch in JAVA, or if there's a parser generator available already that only need s a regular grammar to generate the language tree.

The project is quite ambitious but the results should be equally spectacular once it is finished.

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