Thursday, June 10, 2004

Summary: Due to the lack of funds my current employer is willing to pay I'm initiation an attempt to get higher funds. This operation is nicknamed operation "backstab". The motto: "it's not personal only business".

Phase 1: Waiting game
Another employer has expressed interest in our technical skills. However to contact this employer right away would be a sign of over egerness. Thus a wait time of 3-4 days is now inprogress.

Phase 2: Initial contact
Initial phone call is planned for the end of the 3-4 day waiting period this is when scheduling of meeting times and other nessicarry conditions in order to begin negotiations will occur.

Phase 3: Negotiations
With the safety net of my previous job in place I can afford to negotiate with hard bargan style negotiations. obviously I have a minimum price-point already set since my current employer will pay such price-point.

I also can weight the two positions, and make a decision that way, however the ultimate guide would be if he's not willing to pay current rate +2 since transportation would equivalent that, I will not sign on.

Phase 4: Trial run
If I make it this far there will be a trial run I'll be going to both positions, but the new position will be on a trial type basis (part time 1-2 times a week).

Phase 5: 2 Weeks Notice
If all things are said and done and my current employer refuses to be flexable with his hours, there will be an immediate 2 weeks notice declaration. This is to be expected since the last dissapointment.

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