Monday, May 19, 2003

Adventures form McMaster university...

Alright I'll first of all bring you up to date on my situation, over the last few week me as I'm sure along with all the other people at Mac are all panicking over the final selections from year one. Yes we haven't gotten our final marks yet, but we have a preliminary view of our marks and for the most of us... it don't look too good.

So me like others have started to calculate our averages and our "probability of getting into our programs" so I just found out today that my previous average of 3.8 is wrong, since most of the marks are weighted and that my average is more like around 4.0....

Before you start asking me 20 million questions you have to get at least 4.0 average to stay in the engineering program, but you need 5.0 (probably) to get into computer engineering.

So 4.0 means that I stay in engineering but that's really no good to me unless I get my program.

course of action right now is unknown.

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